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Insta Pro is Best Tool Developed to Enhance your Instagram Experience and Enrich with full top-notch features. Download Instagram Pro App from the

InstaPro is one of the top applications where we can make our daily lives special by getting privacy features and many other services. Here you can get new followers for free. Rank your profile by posting high-quality media with multiple editing tools. Enjoy the safe methods for getting this mind-blowing app where you can make fun for free. In InstaPro APK there will be some settings to hide your active status and last seen.

Insta Pro

Enjoy making your daily life easier with all of the best settings. There are new themes and emoji packs available in your app. You can set security codes and auto-reply. Translate texts available on this platform and copy the comments for free. So what are you waiting for? Get this app and make your Instagram special with all new fun-making features.

What is InstaPro APK?

Instagram has become one of the top social media apps for users. It provides us with all new media and discoveries related to our favorite content. That’s why people like to spend their free time on this app. Now we have modified this social media app by adding different kinds of extra facilities in it. In Insta Pro you can make fun daily by enjoying non-stop messages with schedules.

Make fun for free and save the media from different kinds of posts. Enjoy your daily life with free entertainment with all of the best posts and a quick notification system. This unique app also allows users to save media in it. Make it more special by adding theme effects to your Instagram application. So what are you waiting for? Let’s download this app and begin to watch our favorite videos on it by saving them with a single click.

About InstaPro

Insta Pro App is now very suitable to manage your social life activities for free. Enjoy this app and make everything simple and handy by engaging with a large audience without any worries. Now this brilliant Instagram app can also track the people who unfollow you. Get notifications related to your fans and the accounts you follow.

Don’t miss the new posts available on your favorite accounts. Get a quick notification system and chat with other people with mind-blowing font styles. Enjoy unique chatting options available on this safe platform and do anything with your media. Edit them by selecting the best editing tools available on Insta Pro APK. Download videos, photos, reels, and stories and save them in your gallery.

How to Use InstaPro?

Insta Pro App is completely the same as the official app when it comes to default UI. We have added some of the extra features to this platform. That’s why we will discuss how to get benefits from all these features.

  • Now you can easily sign up on this platform. If you have already an Instagram account then you can go with the login options.
  • In the beginning, you will experience a safe and simple appearance of your favorite posts.
  • Now you can search for the accounts with a quick option. Make fun while watching stories from the top. Enjoy opening the profile photos with a single click.
  • After opening the inbox you can enjoy free settings to hide your appearance from your friends and family members.
  • There are also multiple options available to make your daily life experiences more exciting by adding fonts, schedule Messages, new emojis, and chat themes.
  • In InstaPro there are also many options available to save media from others’ accounts by tapping the download button.
  • Get all these media for free without using any other extensions. So have a nice journey with this app where you can manage all of your social activities by making fun of it.

Main Features of InstaPro

InstaPro App provides us with a lot of features in it. Its users are satisfied with all of its great opportunities. On this app, you can make fun for free by making the tasks more easier for yourself. So let’s discuss some of its cool features to know something more about this Instagram application.

Translate Languages

To start a friendly conversation with foreign people you can use the free translation system available in this app. Now users will be able to talk with the people of other countries. You can easily translate their languages for free. Make fun with the foreign people and enjoy your daily routine. This feature helps us to make new friends without any barriers of languages.

New Modes

There are multiple options available to select for enjoying a different look on our home screen. The official app contains a single light mode which makes it difficult to use Instagram during the night. It has also made it boring. What if you can select multiple colors and modes to apply on your home screen? Yes, it is possible on this app where you can enjoy new and unique modes for your personal Instagram app.

Get Likes

Get free likes on Instagram and become famous by using Insta Pro APK. This app has made it very simple for the content creators to become famous. In this way, you can also earn money on this social app. So if you have a talent and you want to show it to the world then download this app. It will help you to rank your posts easily on this app. By this, you will be able to get likes and followers more quickly as compared to other applications.

Save Media

Save media in your gallery by using Insta Pro APK Download. Not only photos and stories but this app also allows us to enjoy saving lengthy videos. For saving media you don’t need to install other applications. Now it has become very simple for everyone. Just by clicking the save button mentioned on your screen, you can save anything on your device. 

Post HD Photos

People using the official app are facing issues while posting their photos and media on it. One of the most common issues is that the photos don’t remain the same. That’s why the users get a few numbers of likes on their posts. Don’t worry because this amazing application has a unique system that will allow you to post high-quality media in it. Now you will be able to post photos Upto 4K resolution.

Edit Photos Directly

People who edit their photos from other platforms are unable to post them in their official quality. Now you can also edit photos in InstaPro by selecting your favorite tools. In fact, there are all kinds of professional editing tools available on this platform. Make fun and use them to change the simple photos into attractive ones. Change the look and try something unique to post on your profile.

Save HD Videos

Whenever we save Instagram videos by using other tools the media quality doesn’t remain the same. The media saved in our gallery contains low quality. Now you don’t need to face this issue. This wonderful application allows us to save all kinds of media for free. Now you just need to click the button available on your screen. The media with high resolution will be saved for free.

Simple To Use

People who use the official Instagram app find it difficult to search and locate their preferred settings. Now InstaPro App contains high-quality privacy features. On this platform, you can easily set all the options according to you. This app is handy to enjoy on a daily basis. Engage with all the simple and initiative settings available on your home screen. Enjoy the high-quality features and select new options without any guidance.

Privacy Options

User privacy is one of the most important things. Everyone wants to add some privacy features in their social life but Instagram doesn’t allow us to do so. So now we have designed the best privacy features in this app. InstaPro APK is going to allow us to take advantage of its high-quality privacy features. Hide last seen, online status, and all of your activities from other people using Instagram.

Save Profile

As an Instagram user, we know that there are so many restrictions on the other insta apps. Even they don’t allow us to save profile photos from the other accounts. By developing this app we have made all of the Instagram experiences simple and unique for the users. Here you can make fun for free by saving other profile photos and all kinds of posts in our personal gallery.

Manage Business

As we know Instagram is a social application. Millions of people use this app for different purposes. Now you can also use it for your business promotions. Directly share the posts and stories related to your business. Insta Pro will help you to share these Posts with other people. You can also mention the contact details. People who will contact you will get automatic replies with the help of this app. So let’s enjoy these facilities to make more money by making business deals.


App NameInstaPro
Size65 MB
Downloads1 Million
Last Update1 Hour Ago

Additional Features

Now the users will never need to pay for the features available on this app. Enjoy this app and use all of its amazing features for free.

  • In this app, you can also save others’ stories easily. As we know the official app restricts users from saving stories and profile photos. In this app, it has become very simple to save a story just by clicking the download button on it.
  • There are different kinds of attractive themes available on this social app. These attractive themes are very enjoyable. You can apply these themes on your favorite app and change the outlook of your homepage.
  • Copy the texts in Insta Pro APK and use them personally. It allows everyone to copy comments and the texts available in the chat box. Now you are willing to use the texts by copying them from anywhere from this insta app.
  • Now the users will love to access the private accounts on Instagram. You can see their photos, personal media, and profile as well.

Alternatives to InstaPro

Instagram Plus

Instagram Plus is another mod app for the insta users. This app is popular among the users. In a very short duration, it has attracted a lot of people towards it. It includes some of the unique features in it which are not mentioned in the official platform.

GB Instagram

GB Instagram is a unique insta app designed to enhance your daily life install experiences. Thousands of people are using its free services and amazing GB features for free. It is completely free and introduces safe and high-quality Instagram services on it.

How to download InstaPro or Androids?

It is available for Android. This app is a blessing for smartphone users. It allows them to get all its features easily.

  • You just need to click the download links available on our website.
  • To get all the latest features you will have to download the new version of this app.
  • Now you can open the file by finding it in your download section.
  • Here you can allow for its installation by going with the option that appears on your screen.
  • You will have to allow for its installation from the mentioned resources. Now you can install it to use anytime for free.

Download InstaPro for IOS

The pro version is an illegal and unofficial entity for iOS users and is not directly allowed by iOS devices. But some jailbreak iOS users can install it as those jailbreak devices overcome the iPhone’s special privacy protocols. Hence you can only download it and install it on a jailbreak device. 

  • Download InstaPro for iOS devices and have fun with all of its latest features.
  • Now users can select the latest links to enjoy this beautiful app on their IOS devices. Get it for free and enjoy a safe and secure system.
  • You can download the file by selecting the latest link.
  • Open the file in your IOS manager and allow for its installation by visiting your device settings.
  • Here you can easily make it possible by allowing for the permission to install this amazing app.
  • Now it will be ready to enjoy with a single click. Open the app and enjoy its services for your IOS device.

Pros And Cons


  • InstaPro APK is now available for free with all new features and settings
  • The app is easy to access with an initiative Interface.
  • Simple sign-up options are available.
  • Create a new account for free or go with your official app account using its credentials for login. 
  • Enjoy your Instagram by consuming low internet data.
  • Enjoy ads-free experiences and watch your media on this app.
  • Download any of the videos and photos for free on this platform.


  •  It is developed from an unknown resource so you have to compromise device security.
  • Unofficial entity with high ban risk and data privacy issues. 
  • The app may crash or misbehave in some cases on some devices. 


InstaPro is an alternative app for Instagram users who want to enjoy something more on their insta app. This platform is completely designed to add the most wonderful features to your daily life. Here you can get all the facilities related to your Instagram experiences which are compulsory. Most of the time we are disappointed because of the unfair corporation of the official app. It doesn’t allow us to restrict ads on it. In fact we are unable to save our favorite media on this app.

Here we can’t even chat with foreign people because we don’t know their languages. Insta Pro App has made everything possible on it. It allows us to do anything we want on your social application. Share posts and get free likes and followers. Add new friends and make fun of them by sharing your daily activities. Enjoy saving media without any difficulties. Get ready to add this mind-blowing enhancement to your daily life Instagram experiences.


Is InstaPro Safe to Use?

This app is designed by a third party. Most people have doubts about whether it is safe to use or not. First of all, you should know that this app is very famous among millions of people. They use this amazing app without any restrictions or harmful effects. It means that it is completely safe to use with all the secure services.

What are the features of InstaPro?

Now InstaPro has multiple features and useful settings available in it which support the users to do multiple tasks on it. Now it has made it simple to hide your availability. You can freeze your last seen or save the media directly. Enjoy free font styles, automatic replies, and story-saving features for free.

How to install InstaPro?

People who want to install this app need to grant permission from their app settings. Here you can see an option to allow your device for unknown installations. Allow for it and the app will be available to use for free on your personal device.

Can I use InstaPro for free?

Yes, now it is free to enjoy ads-free experiences while using this modified Instagram app. It never requires any fees. Users can enjoy their daily life by making fun on this amazing insta app. So let’s begin to explore all of its incredible features by downloading it to our devices.

How to download media from InstaPro?

This pro version brings in an easy download method for all the videos, reels, and media content. Just give three quick taps on the video or media content you want to download.